Casinos in Colorado

There is no doubt that Colorado is a Casino State in its own right. Swarmed by tourists all year round, who wish to immerse themselves in a vivaciously captivating society, Colorado has many heaps of great casinos to entertain the masses. The three largest mining towns of the 19th century are now filled with capacious and breathtaking casino establishments, as well as much more, to suit the wants and needs of even the fussiest gamblers.

Casinos in Colorado

History of regulated gambling in Colorado

It wasn’t until 1989 that casinos with limited stakes were legalized by the state regulatory bodies of Colorado after the full authorization of the state lottery. However, in order to keep malpractices and criminalities out of it, only a few towns were fully authorized (Black HawkCentral City and Cripple Creek), whereby a maximum single bet of $5 was allowed in blackjack, poker and slot machines. Then, as a result of the government recognizing the undeniable benefits casinos have on the economy, the regulations were moderated and many restrictions were lifted.

Take a Magnificent Casino Getaway to Colorado

One of the most incising things for tourists who wish to visit Colorado, and even for residents of the state who simply wish to get away for a few nights, are the beautiful hotels and overnight stay packages that are offered. If you search on a map of Colorado, you will find more than 40 casinos to choose from and bookings for most of them are available online.

The packages that the Casino hotels offer have some outstanding additional features.  Along with the thrill of playing a couple of wagers in the afternoon, you may enjoy live local music in their lounges or a sip of your favorite cocktail/whiskey in the elegant bars.  There’s also the option to take a glorious trip on horse-drawn carriage to the nearby cities, enjoy the thrill of white water rafting, take a dip in the intoxicating hot spring as well as much, much more.

Nothing comes close to the tasteful flamboyance that many of the casinos in Colorado have to offer. A shimmering stage, beautiful showgirls and much more are all just part and parcel of these all round fabulous casino establishments, so browse through our directory of Colorado casinos right now to find the perfect choice for you!

Colorado Gambling Laws

The laws that surround gambling in Colorado relies on three factors: consideration, chance and reward. When all three are present in any game held in the state, then this is considered as gambling. According to the Limited Gaming Control Commission, placing bets over the internet is also considered as illegal, as well as sports books through toll-free numbers. Businesses and people who have licenses in the Colorado casino industry are prohibited to get involved in any form of online gaming.

These are the forms of gambling that they consider legal:


As with many other states in the country, the lottery in Colorado is still considered as a legal form of gambling. It comes in different forms, with different jackpot prizes in store, depending on the kind of game you choose. You can play Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 5, Pick 3 and Scratch. Tickets can be purchased from different outlets all over the state, like 7-11 stores, Diamond Shamrock stations and Alta Convenience stores. Current total tax withholding for U.S. citizens is 29% for prizes over $5,000 (25% Federal and 4% State). No person under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase Colorado Lottery.

Horse Racing

The Arapahoe Park in Aurora remains to be the only live racetrack facility in the state. Races are run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May to August. There are also seven of off-track betting locations all over the state where people can place their bets at the same time that races are being run. However, only pari-mutuel betting is allowed. It means that player’s bets are pooled together, and winners split the total. This way, they play against each other and not against the house.

Bingo, Charitable Games and Raffles

Bingo, Raffles and charitable games are regulated by the Secretary of State and allowed in Colorado. But only non-profit organizations that have been in existence in the state for no less than 5 years can be licensed to conduct bingo and raffles games.


Because tribal reservation lands follow their own rules and laws, casinos are allowed within the territory of Indian reservation land. It is only in the areas of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, and Central City that limited stakes gaming is allowed. These include casinos that carry slot machinespoker and black jack. However, the maximum single bet allowed is limited to $100 since 2008. And minimum gambling age across all casinos is 21.

Social Gambling

Social gambling means that the players are acquainted or have a social relationship established beyond their common intent to gamble. It also means that all bets are considered as part of the prize, and no one stands to gain profit from the process.

Live poker

Poker tournaments (also called as “casino nights”) are allowed and governed by social gambling laws if there isn’t any fee or other buy-in payment from the participants.

There was a time when charitable gambling in Colorado was free of restrictions (back in the late 70’s), but there was a sudden explosion of charitable events that occurred throughout the state, making it difficult for the authorities to track if the money was indeed being forwarded to the charities. Because of this, the exceptions that encouraged leniency for such events were repealed in 1983 to give the government better control over the situation.