Casinos in Hawaii

Hawaii has always been known for capturing the hearts and souls of millions. With sensationally white sand, cobalt blue sea and beautifully tan and toned people, this state offers people something well and truly special. Unfortunately, one of the only things Hawaii can’t offer are casinos as the state has very stringent rules and laws which forbid any gambling establishments to operate in the state what so ever.

However, don’t let this information dishearten you from visiting Hawaii, because rather than casinos, you’ll find plenty of other activities to keep you occupied to keep you more than satisfied during your stay in the state. In the place of casinos you will find beautiful resorts with amenities worthy for royalty. Relax your mind and soul in spas, eat divine cuisine in restaurants, take a refreshing dips in indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a whole lot more when you visit one of these all inclusive resorts.

Casinos in Hawaii

But if this wasn’t enough, and you were really looking for any sort of casino experience while visiting, or residing in, the state of Hawaii, then we do have a little tip to allow you to get your fix—online casinos! That’s right, although the state forbids gambling at brick and mortar casino establishments; there is still the option for you to try your hand at any of the 100% legal online casinos which fully accept US players.

However, note that there are a only a handful of online casino (accepting US players) which are worthy of playing at, so make sure you make your decision wisely. Luckily for you, we have all the best online casino establishments in our directory, just waiting for you to browse through. All listed sites don’t just offer a fabulously diverse selection of games powered by brilliant software, including slots, tables and specialty; they also offer great promotional deals for players to redeem upon arrival. The advantage of gambling at high tier online casinos is that you are made to feel like you are actually playing at the strip, from the comforts of your home, or indeed your resort.

Hawaii Gambling Laws

Hawaii is one of the only two non-gambling states in the USA, the other one is Utah. The Aloha State doesn’t allow land-based casinos, horse, dog racing and off-track betting, pari-mutuel wagering and even bingo or raffle operations. Both state and police officials believe that legalizing gambling may increase drug and prostitution-related crimes. So, if Hawaiians wish to gamble, they need to go out of state to do so. There is the only form of gambling that is allowed in this state – Social Gambling.


There are no casinos in hotels and private properties in Hawaii, no casinos operated by Native Americans, not even in small rooms at the back of restaurants and convenience stores. And unlike other no casino gambling states where gamblers can still join a gambling cruise ship, Hawaii prohibits gambling aboard the cruise ships.

Social Gambling

Hawaiians or Hawaii guests can engage in social gambling, for example, poker, if there are no monetary bets involved and if the game is held in a private home only. So, these games must not be held in hotels, motels, bars, night clubs, public places or any business centers. The Honolulu Police Department considers a perceived social gambling illegal if there is even a consideration that an item or money is being wagered, if there’s a likelihood of chance in the game, and if there is a reward to be won.


All of these types of gambling are also banned. Unlike other states where lottery is sanctioned with part of the profits benefitting education and scholarship, Hawaii doesn’t allow any lottery games with rewards. The same policy applies to both raffle and bingo games.

Online Casino

Because there are no definite specifics regarding online gambling in Hawaii like online casinos and online poker, residents and guests stick to the mandatory no-gambling rule by the state. Hence, online gambling is also prohibited, even if those operating it are outside the state.

Majority of the penalties associated with gambling in Hawaii is directed to illegal bookers and operators. Promoting land-based casino games is a first-degree offense. Gambling and possession of gambling equipment are considered misdemeanors. It means anyone who is caught illegally playing will either pay a fine, determined by the game played or, in severe cases, may face jail time. According to the Honolulu Police Department, the most typical types of illegal gambling in the state are Video Poker, Slots and Cara/Cruz. When caught, both operators and participants can expect prison time and fine. More information on gambling restrictions can be found in the Hawaii Revised Statutes.