Casinos in New Jersey

It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular gambler or a total beginner, there is well and truly something for everyone in New Jersey. In fact, this state has many gambling options to cater to all kinds of gamblers all across the state. In fact, people from all across the world enjoy dabbling in the gambling establishments that New Jersey has to offer.

Casinos in New Jersey

However, before you do go ahead and make your way to the nearest New Jersey casino, it could help greatly if you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of gambling in New Jersey and also learn a little bit about the history of gambling in New Jersey.

History of Gambling at Casinos in New Jersey

Most people think that Atlantic City is the be all and end all of gambling in New Jersey, but this is not the case. In fact, there is a great deal of history behind gambling from all over New Jersey. Casinos in this state have been open ever since 1978 and while they may be relatively new, gambling and betting by way of horse races have pretty much always been a part of the state’s culture. This was shut down though at the turn of the century, but in 1970 new regulated gambling was introduced with the state lottery. Today, as well as horse racing, there are various lottery options as well as a multitude of commercial casinos to choose between.

As with gambling in any state across the United States, make sure that you’ve done your research into which casinos offer the biggest payouts and the best promotions. Make sure you are only gaming at the most reputable casinos in New Jersey by taking a look at the many review sites available online prior to visiting the strip. As well as this, we have put together a directory of all the best, 100% secure casinos and gambling establishments in the state of New Jersey for you to browse through at your leisure. So take your time, do some private research, and enjoy!

New Jersey Gambling Laws

Of all the states, New Jersey could be considered as one of the most gambling-friendly. After all, one of the world’s most famous casino resorts, Atlantic City, is situated here. Besides, online gambling was legalized in this state in November 2013. But you can only gamble in the licensed casinos of Atlantic City or the 3 racetracks/off-tracks, because gambling outside of there is breaking the law.


There are currently 9 casinos (Caesar’s Atlantic City, Trump Plaza, Trump Taj Mahal are among them), all located in Atlantic City. Each of them is controlled by the Gaming Enforcement Division and Casino Control Commission. Although it is legal for a minor to enter a casino in New Jersey, a person must be 21 years old in order to gamble, consume alcoholic drinks and remain on the gambling floor. If an underage person is caught gambling, he or she is subject to a $500-$1000 fine and a mandatory six-month driver’s license suspension.

Online Gambling

In 2011 the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill to allow online gambling for New Jersey citizens over the age of 21, but it was rejected by the Governor Chris Christy. Two years after though, in 2013, a revised bill permitting Internet gambling was approved and then signed into law. It legalized online casino gambling in this state for a 10-year period, as long as the operators partner up with license holders of one of the 11 big casinos found in Atlantic City. Also, it is only legal when the players who play on a computer are physically within the premises of the state borders. In October 2014, New Jersey state regulators reported revenue of over $100 million since regulation began.


Live poker is legal in the Atlantic City casinos. The World Poker Tour (one of the biggest poker tournaments) has stops here. As for the online poker, New Jersey is one of only three states that legalized online poker within its borders. This is where all the online poker action is, with many international brands partnering with local casino license holders to open poker rooms.

Sports Betting

There are only three racetracks (Meadowlands Racetrack, Monmouth Park and Freehold Raceway) within the state, and pari-mutuel betting is allowed there. In 2013, the state passed a law that permits one horse race per year on a New Jersey beach. State Government has been looking to legalize Sports Betting in the same way Nevada has, but there is still an ongoing discussion that has got as far as the US Supreme Court.


Lottery games are legal in the state since the 1970s and are controlled by the New Jersey Lottery Commission. The state currently has 8 types of lottery games. Their revenue is used to award prize winners (59%), raise money for education (34%), pay commissions to retailers (6%) and cover lottery administrative cost (1%).