Casinos in Utah

Unfortunately, just like many other states in America, gamblers are unable to enjoy dabbling in their favorite games in the state of Utah. The state heavily restricts all forms of gambling, including the lottery and even horse/dog racing. Although it is a great shame that Utah doesn’t have any legal and authorized gambling options, they have a strong advantage over other states with the same laws on gambing–they are right next door to Nevada, the casino capital of the world!

Casinos in Utah

You heard us… Although there may not be any reputable gaming facilities inner state, why not make a whole trip out of it and venture to the glimmering, gleaming strip in Las Vegas? People from far and wide spend lots of money and time making their way to Nevada and more specifically Las Vegas in order to play in some of the biggest and best casinos in the whole world. What’s more, many of the casinos on the strip are also resorts, offering you a gorgeous experience fully inclusive with luxurious hotel rooms to rest in, when you’re all gamed out for the day! Additionally, these resorts boast refreshing swimming pools, divine restaurants as well as live entertainment to really make it a trip to remember!

However, the fancy lights and rush of people isn’t for everyone. If you are one of those gamblers who just wishes to game in peace and quiet, then how does playing at the best casinos in the comfort of your very own home sound? If this sounds appealing to you, then you might want to tap into the various online casino or betting sites that are out there. Use all the resources available to you online, such as online review websites, in order to see exactly which options are the best for you. As well as checking the sites are safe and secure when it comes to banking, you should also make sure that there’s a nice games selection, powerful gaming software and of course some juicy promotions to keep you winning bigger than ever!

Utah Gambling Laws

Utah is one of the few states in US where gambling is not just strictly regulated, but completely outlawed, according to Utah Constitution. So, it is not a surprise that a number of groups have tried to gamble illegally or to find loopholes in the law. In fact, there was a surge of poker clubs and bingo halls in the mid-2000s, with owners and operators citing a few loopholes in the system. But all these outfits were eventually shut down.

Charitable Gambling

Even the usual Bingo games and raffles that are held for the benefit of charitable institutions are not allowed in the state of Utah. Those who want to donate or raise money for charitable institutions are encouraged to look for other means to do so.

Dog Racing

Greyhound racing is also prohibited in the state of Utah, but whippet racing is a popular hobby. Whippets are a cross between greyhounds and spaniels, and are often bred for the purpose of racing. Despite the hobby’s popularity though, the strict rules that the state applies when it comes to gambling still sticks, and no bets can be placed on any whippet races.

Horse Racing

There may be horse races in Utah, but they are in no way a means for locals to gamble. It is seen as a mere sport, and not exactly as an avenue where any wagers can be placed. This is why Utah residents who would like to bet on the sport usually flock to Wyoming to do so.

Online Gambling

According to HB 108, passed in 2012, online gambling considered strictly as illegal. This legislation opt-out from any further federal legislation for legalizing online gambling in the state.